Wedding Photographer Ireland

Hello and Welcome!

 2017 what a year, what a FANTASTIC ONE ! It was the year of changes and a huge satisfaction from seeing one idea.. a dream coming to reality. What a perfect day to take a moment to reflect and look back. And let me tell you one thing – 2017  DESERVES TO BE LOOKED BACK AT! Below is a visual snippet of how wonderful this past few months have been, these beautiful moments I had such a privilege to capture. I am looking forward to the cool families, beautiful love stories and these TRUE EMOTIONS AND THE CONNECTION that is ahead of me in 2018.

2018 bring it on! I am super excited as to what you have in store for me.

Do what makes your life fulfilled people! And be kind.

Now sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful Couples and Families I got to work with! You were amazing.

If you’re planning a wedding (anywhere in Ireland) and are looking for a Wedding Photographer drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.